Q: Can I really watch every movie for free!?

A: Yes. You can watch every available movie for free! We do have advertisements on every movie as that covers our cost to keep the website running.

Q: Is it legal to watch movies on Watch2Movies?

A: Yes. It is legal as we link the content from 3rd party services, they provide it to us. Nothing is hosted on our behalf.

Q: I can't find the movie that I want to watch!

A: As we just started the service it is very likely we don't have the movie you want to watch. Please contact us and the movie will available on the website as soon as possible.

Q: The movie is not playing/working!

A: There can be times where a movie is not playable. We cannot manage over hundreds of movies per day. Please contact us so we can fix this. It is also possible that the 3rd party service that we get the content from is unavailable. They tend to fix it as soon as possible.

Q: Why is there a blue squared frame border around the video player?

A: As the video player is embeded from the 3rd party service that we use they get to manage on how the video player works. This may change in the future.

Q: What browser is prefered to use for the movies to work?

A: We recommend Google Chrome but, any other browser should do the job.

Q: How can I contact Watch2Movies?

A: Contact us at: [email protected]

Q: Why is there only limited amount of subtitles availiable?

A: As we're a small team we try to provide the most of our time to add more movies to the website. The currently focused subtitles options is Dutch and English. We are willing to add more support for other languages whenever we have time to add them. If you really want a language prefered subtitle to a movie please contact us with what language you want to subtitle to be in and include ofcourse which movie(s).